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Auto Window Tinting

Auto Window tinting

Benefits of tinting your automobile ...

Yeah, window tinting makes your vehicle look dark and mysterious, but many don’t realize there are many functional benefits of vehicle window tinting besides the cool tinted limousine look we all know.

Vehicles do look pretty fresh with tinted windows, but we think there are a few other good reasons you should consider window tinting for your vehicle.

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Reduce Heat to Stay Cool

Window tinting our vehicles is great because it blocks thermal rays that overheat your car interior. We’ve all had the feeling of being slow-cooked in our own drivers seat. Thermal rejection film blocks those invasive thermal rays so you can drive comfortably without blasting the AC and wasting gas and energy.

Save Your Skin

UV rays are a known danger of the sun, resulting in sun burns and skin cancer. We spend a lot of time in our cars, but for some reason the average person doesn’t think UV exposure counts while we’re on the road. It does, however, and though some vehicles’ factory windows block some UV rays, you’ll need UV blocking window tint for 99% protection in most cases. That, or you can lather up on sunscreen before you get behind the wheel.

Added Security

Though not designed for vehicle security, window tint adds a layer of protection between the inside of your vehicle and a car thief. Typically thieves can quickly smash a side window, gain entry, or snatch valuables. If your windows are tinted, the glass is not only harder to break, but broken glass remains in one solid piece attached to the film. Car thieves don’t usually have a lot of time on their hands, and will probably cower off rather than wrestle with a sheet of shattered glass and window film.

Reduce Glare

We hate being on the road with the sun glaring in through side windows. Glare from a sunset is distracting, and while you fumble with the visor, you’re running risk of an accident. Window tint can cut glare so you can enjoy late afternoon drives and keep your eyes on the road.

Add Privacy

A more obvious benefit, tinted windows prevent unwanted views into your back seats and side windows. Whether its to hide valuables from thieves, or hide stoplight neighbors from their well deserved gestures, window tinting will keep your business private.So the next time you think of vehicle window tinting, remember it isn’t just for looks. Consider all the functional benefits of window tinting – though it is pretty functional when it comes to looking cool.